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Sport at all levels is at the heart of life at Bishop Burton College.
Whether it is pursuing a career, competing at elite-level, taking part in team activities for recreational fun or simply maintaining a general level of fitness, Bishop Burton understands the importance of sport.
The college knows its value in developing teamwork and leadership skills that could be crucial in the workplace, as well as improving physical and mental wellbeing.

Sport is also a growing industry, with an increasingly wide variety of exciting career opportunities for those who choose to study it.
The college runs courses that provide routes into all types of employment in the sector – including further education courses for school-leavers and degree programmes. 

Bishop Burton’s academies are also a platform for those who aspire to play professionally. The college runs numerous teams across different sporting disciplines, some of which compete at the highest level possible in the UK. The college also has outstanding links with professional teams, employers, national governing bodies and regional sports development.
On top of this, Bishop Burton also has its own fully furnished gym, with membership open to the general public.

For more information, visit sport.bishopburton.ac.uk.